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26.07.11 09:26:51 (Răspunde)
Nu se spune nimic despre in ce limbi mai poti comunica cu populatia bastinasa :-) Cum bulgara nu se invata pe la noi, poate rusa, sau alta limba straina e de ajutor. E bine de stiut dinainte, macar iti iei cu tine un ghid din ala idiot, de conversatie!

Re: comunicare

30.11.11 12:57:06 (Răspunde)
Thanks for spending time on the computer (wirting) so others don't have to.

Re: Re: comunicare

29.03.12 22:39:32 (Răspunde)
Hey Julia I should have let you write this post as you did a eebttr job at expressing my thoughts I think that perhaps the title of the post and the way the post was worded were not ideal in the end. It really was my intention to show that the opportunity to travel and earn money overseas, even if it requires facing many challenges, is available to most people. With things such as being a Tour Manager on a cruise ship, I could have still lived this lifestyle if I had stayed a Tour Staff so I think you're right about the focus being on financial success. And there were also plenty of crew members on board from third world countries who took great delight in showing me photos of the villa they just bought back home, complete with swimming pool, guest quarters and ocean views, all from the wages they earned from their low level' position on board the ship. So even those cleaning the cabins or busing tables were able to do quite well.Also, I feel that the problem is not that the opportunities I've had don't exist for many people but that people don't know about these opportunities in many parts of the world. With the visas, yes, that is a situation that is very unfortunate and presents a bigger challenge than I could ever know. I have seen good, honest people here in Mexico be denied visas to several countries as well. However, I have also seen them obtain visas to some countries too and there are even countries where they don't need a visa at all. So even if a handful of countries allow them in, that does provide a place to start. I know it's not terribly easy for many people (nor is it for those from the western world) but I really do want to believe that hard work and determination play the biggest role in whether or not such a goal can be achieved.Gracias for your comment!

Re: Re: comunicare

30.03.12 05:17:40 (Răspunde)
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Re: Re: comunicare

01.04.12 08:39:40 (Răspunde)
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Re: comunicare

02.12.11 02:31:20 (Răspunde)
I'm quite pleased with the infortmaion in this one. TY!

Re: Re: comunicare

30.03.12 02:10:14 (Răspunde)
Hola Penny Thank you for sharing your xcrepienee. Sounds like a nightmare what you had to go through to get into Canada with a work permit.What I was trying to say in the post is that the opportunities I've had are available to other people. So while working in Canada is extremely difficult, other opportunities, such as working on board cruise ships or earning money online, are possible to achieve. It is important to point out that I've never obtained a work permit for any of my jobs. I taught English under the table' in Thailand and a permit was not needed to work on cruise ships or earn money online. In fact, the person sitting at the table with me right now in my apartment here in Playa del Carmen is Mexican. And she has lived a similar lifestyle by traveling to and working in a variety of countries, working on board cruise ships and now, she earns a full-time income (in USD) working online. Recently she spent four months traveling throughout Asia and Australia. Each day she would work online for a few hours and spend the rest of the day exploring. So while Canada might have been a tough xcrepienee (which it clearly seems to have been), there are options out there that are not nearly as difficult. I guess the key is learning which options are easier than others!


30.11.11 09:34:51 (Răspunde)
The purchases I make are enirtely based on these articles.


30.03.12 04:12:48 (Răspunde)
, everyone has a hcance, and if you want it you can have it.Nothing in life worth doing will be easy, if someone says they wan't to have an experience like yours but say they can't because they are from a third world country, they just don't want it enough.I'm from Chile, and I want to travel around for a couple of time (I don't know how long, I'll stick with untill I don't want it anymore ) after I graduate from college. I know it won't be as easy, but hell, I'm sure it's possible.ps:Complete unrelated comment:I went to the united states for an exchange student program about three years ago, they gave me an student visa for three months (the exact duration of the course I was taking) and then I had to go back. I met a guy there, he was from Germany, he told me he was planning to stay a month or two after clases and asked me if I wanted to go with him. For the same exact thing, they gave him a year (perhaps more) lasting visa. But hey, did that stop me for not going with him? of course not! after sending a lot of letters, going to the embassy, and spending hours filling paperwork I got an extention.


01.04.12 02:43:40 (Răspunde)
That's 2 celevr by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thanks!


30.11.11 13:30:08 (Răspunde)
oeoJaV xvdtlcabqujl

Re: VrrVusjPk

30.03.12 04:31:59 (Răspunde)
Hi Earl,I am glad that you posted this and made it clear to lpeope that anyone can have a life of travel if they are willing to face their challenges in doing it. I guess I just truly believe that if you want something bad enough, you will do anything you have to in order to get it.I think that a lot of comments that have been left are in response to being financially successful while traveling and that is not the point here.Also, it is obviously easier for someone from US to travel, but there are also lpeope from other countries that have it easier than lpeope from US, so that is life.I feel bad for those who don't have it easy to get a visa and I wish that it wasn't such an issue for some lpeope to travel. I have a friend here in Costa Rica who just wants to go visit NYC because she has learned so much about it. Because she doesn't have a good job or a business or a family of her own, she will undoubtedly get denied a visa to visit the States. But again, this post is about traveling the world and the US isn't the only place for others to visit.


01.12.11 19:15:07 (Răspunde)
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Re: vymBTfLAFmhLIzlzHg

01.04.12 03:15:12 (Răspunde)
harvey - hi i'm the guy from london we met up a mnaotuin near bansko an u took a photo of me an my brother, you have some awesome pics on the blog, i love the Kempinski ones, do u have our picture?is it possible 2 send it to me pleasethanks, an it was nice 2 meet you up there!!!have a good one!!harvey

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